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Classic Blueberry Crisp

My kids love fresh fruits and vegetables, and although I love baking I rarely find much time to do it, so when I can bake, there’s nothing better then combining those 2 together.  I get to bake and make something that I know all the kiddos will enjoy and look forward to eating.  They also […]


Shopkins Ice Cream Truck Review

We were recently on vacation and went to Toys R Us to allow each of our kids to pick out a toy to play with while we were away (it keeps them busy during downtime, so it’s a win-win!). Our 4 year old daughter saw Shopkins as soon as she walked in and immediately wanted […]


Our Modern Farmhouse Will Soon Be A Reality

So I think we’ve both been too scared to jinx it and have kept pretty hesitant to talk about our plans to even our closest friends and family, but today we officially signed our loan to begin construction on our new home. This is a long time coming, to put it shortly. We are so […]


Cheesy Ground Turkey Pasta Recipe
Snow with Sprinkles

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Handmade Christmas Cards Made From Glitter Scrapbook Paper

I decided to take on a pretty big project for Christmas – making and sending out my own handmade Christmas cards.  I was inspired by a story I read about a woman who created handmade cards every year up until her death and the year she passed away she started the cards.  Her daughter decided […]


Christmas Planters Made From Christmas Tree Clippings

This past Christmas I really wanted to go out and purchase some cute planters for the front of our house to bring a little life to the outside.  Unfortunately everything I found was pretty pricey for what I wanted, and since they really only needed to be there for a few months I just couldn’t […]

Lego Cake

Lego Birthday Cake Using Chocolate Mold Legos

Our oldest son Aiden turned 10 last fall and he asked to have a lego cake.  I had seen a variety of really cool, professional looking cakes on Pinterest, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly the most skilled cake decorator.  So we talked to a local baker but the cake […]